Mr. Bunthan Vicheka


Mr. Bunthan Vicheka received his Master in Educational Administration from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently he is a Country Assistant HR Manager at Intertek Testing Services (Cambodia) Company Limited. Prior to this, he was an English Instructor at The University of Cambodia.

Mr. Vicheka shares his experiences from UC:
“UC provides a variety of courses/subjects that help students to be familiar with many different sectors.
In general, lecturers are helpful and skilful. They provide advice in addition to in-book lectures.
During my time at UC, I was attracted to the Human Resource Management course which led to my career change from that time till now. I still have good connections with some of my fellow students there such as Lysrun, Punnreay, Dina, Vimean and Dara. UC provided me with everything, grooming me up and sending me out to a successful career. My message to other students is that you are coming to
the right place, as UC provides you what you need in the future for your best career path.
The University focuses on quality of education and study outcomes. This University was established for developing skills and broadening knowledge, providing both soft and hard skills in response to
current changes in society and employment opportunities.”

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Mr. Chun Sochet


Mr. Chun Sochet received his BA in Information Technology from The University of
Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently he is an IT Officer at Sokha Beach Resort.
Prior to this, he was a Graphic Design at HRN.

Mr. Sochet mentioned that:
“UC, and especially my thesis advisor, has taught me both hard and soft skills. In addition, the university and its lecturers provided good advice for me to succeed in my studies and career. I still have good communication with my fellow classmates like
Mr. Keo Sambath, Sim Rosa, Ly Nironn, and Nuon Sambath among others. My CES classes, class presentations, and the last day when we would submit our assignments are some of my key memories of UC. I would like to wholeheartedly wish UC’s President,
lecturers and staff good health and success in their lives. I also would like to wish
all current students good luck with their studies.”

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Mr. Bun Penghuy


Mr. Bun Penghuy received his BA in Law from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015. Currently he is a Legal Adviser at KCP Cambodia.
Prior to this, he was a Translator at VOA Khmer.

Mr. Penghuy said that:
“I have learnt and gained legal knowledge from different lecturers, some of whom are lawyers, prosecutors and judges. During that time, I enjoyed discussing and debating legal matters not only with my classmates but also with lecturers. Unexpectedly, I enrolled into a course called “Legal Research and Writing” taught by Mr. Mam Thana, the Associate Dean of College of Law. This particular course is very useful and helpful for law students to shape their future careers. For instance, I applied to the law firm I am currently working for and I was asked to take a test consisting of legal knowledge and skills.

One of the test items is to write a letter to give advice to clients. Suddenly, I recalled what I learnt from “Legal Research and Writing” class and wrote as what I learned. After the interview, waiting for one day for the result and being offered, I came to realize that UC has helped me a lot, especially with the above-mentioned course. I am strongly confident that law courses conducted at UC are the fundamental bases to prepare students for their desired careers.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of my law lecturers, namely Lecturer Eang Sopheak, Lecturer Than Chanchamnan, Lecturer Chan Dararasmey and Lecuter Keo Vanny, and especially the Associate Dean, lecturer Mam Thana, for teaching me how to write the memorandums of law. Also, thanks to UC, I am who I am today. Without a scholarship from UC, I would not have today and would not get this job. I encourage you all to get involved with UC activities as much as possible.”

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The signing of the letter of intent for cooperation between the Faculty of Home-Economics Technology, Rejamangala University of Technology, Thailand

The University of Cambodia signed a letter of intent for collaboration with the Faculty of Home- Economics Technology, Rajamangala University in Thailand. The enhancement of the cooperation and exchanges between these two institutions will promote cultural understanding and advance information and research sharing in the region.

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Ms. Plong Chanleaphea


Ms. Plong Chanleaphea received her BA in International Relations from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2013. Currently she is an Assistant in the Consular Section at The Embassy of Japan in Cambodia. Prior to this, she was a Japanese Translator at CIESF.

Ms. Chanleaphea said that:
“UC provided an English-based teaching programme that helps students understand and communicate in an international language. The university offers classes that taught by experienced professors and are relevant to our major. What I learned at UC has applied to what I’m working on now. UC motivates and drives all students to realize that if they are going to learn, they have to possess self-initiative.

I want to say thank you to all beloved professors for your enthusiasm! I fed off your   energy.

I have good memories of UC. First, I have good memories of all of the class performances and volunteer activities with my professors and friends. I really miss them now.

Second, I was always super excited after the mid-term and final exams ending because every examination was so strict and no one talked about cheating.

Third, I enjoyed participating in social activities with HOCC’s members until now, which were supported by Prof. Neng Vannak.

Be yourself and realize that “life is beautiful”. Stand still on your way and find out what you want in your professional life.

Lastly, I would like to encourage all students to volunteer for social activities so that they can help people in need.”

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Mr. Svay Chanrachana


Mr. Svay Chanrachana received his BA in Education from The University of Cambodia (UC)
in 2015. Currently he is a Team Supervisor at Operation Asha Organization, which focuses on educating people about tuberculosis. Prior to this, he was a Community Facilitator at Chamroeun Microfinance.

Mr. Chanrachana mentioned that:
“UC has given me the knowledge, experience and moral judgement as a student and as a responsible citizen in the society. UC provided me with a full scholarship, warm environment, and excellent lectures from the UC’s members. Psychology of Education, Special Needs, Teaching Methodology, Cognitive Development, and Multi-Cultural Education were the most important subjects to me, as they are the foundation to modern education. I’m still contact with my friend Sok Rithysa, BA. English Literature. My career and life is better than before after I graduated from UC because I can find any job to support myself and my future as well. UC is the best place where you all can receive or exchange knowledge, experiences, opportunities, and challenge yourself for a better future. I just want to let you know that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world’-Nelson Mandela.”

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