Mr. Ngoun Soksan

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Mr. Ngoun Soksan received his BA in Economics from The University of Cambodia (UC)
in 2013. Currently he works as a Business Relationship Manager, Maybank (Cambodia) Plc.

Mr. Soksan has mentioned that:
“It was a great time studying at the University of Cambodia. The well-established curriculum and exposures given through extra-curricular activities had furnished me with a solid foundation for academic and career achievements. In addition to high education standard and quality lecturers with years of not only teaching experiences but also record of substantial employments, the University of Cambodia had strong networks with many organizations and institutions, which always offered me opportunities to attend various seminars and expose myself to non-academic life. In particular, my school (UC School of Business) was highly engaging and a lot of projects were assigned to me to build up leadership propensity, strengthen confidence and sharpen my agility. More importantly, the university and lecturers constantly provided advices and necessary supports. I strongly recommend anyone to University of Cambodia since it is the best university.”



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Mr. Phal Sereiratha


Mr. Phal Sereiratha received his BA degree in Information Technology from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2012. Currently he is pursuing his Master degree in Embedded Systems
and Robotics at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

Mr. Sereiratha has mentioned that:
“UC has made me who I am today. It was where I received quality education, friendship, encouragement and developed my confidence, high performing attitude, hard work and teamwork spirit until I could earn a scholarship and pass the language barrier to study abroad. UC is a meaningful and unforgettable place to me. I feel that I have gained the most from the courses such as Programming, Databases, and Object Oriented Programming, that laid a strong foundation of knowledge for me in my chosen field and also in real life problem solving.
All the lecturers are professional, friendly, and helpful which made the study environment inspiring for students to work hard towards their goals. I still keep contact with a lot of friends who studied together at UC, both from my college and others. Take the move into what
you want, as the process is truly as important as the goals.”

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Tuesday, 5th July 2016: The University of Cambodia (UC) and the UC Foundation would like to extend profound gratitude to Dr. William Clyde Lane and his family for the generous donation of over 4,500 books


Tuesday, 5th July 2016: The University of Cambodia (UC) and the UC Foundation would like to extend profound gratitude to Dr. William Clyde Lane and his family for the generous donation of over 4,500 books from his selected personal collection to the Toshu Fukami Library and E-Library of UC. The event was presided by Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, UC Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and President, and Dr. Rikhi Thakral, Executive Director of the Thakral Group of Companies and recipient of the UC Honorary Doctorate. The new books donated included a wide range of topics, from philosophy to medical science, from mountaineering to inspiration, among other broad topics. They will serve as valuable assets and contributions to Cambodia’s continuous development of human capital for the generations to come.
Note: that the Toshu Fukami Library (and E-Library) is open to the general public. Hence, we welcome everyone to access this latest addition of books to the library for your reading and research.


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Dr. Hong Kimcheang


Dr. Hong Kimcheang received his BA degree in English Literature from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2007. Currently he is the President of Kampong Speu Institute of Technology, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Previously he was a teacher and completed his PhD in TEFL at Chulalongkorn University and Educational Administration at Burapha University, Thailand.

Dr. Kimcheang mentioned that: “UC motivated me to keep going forward, especially in my academic life. My memorable times at UC were enjoyable learning experiences, and I appreciated the flexibility and quality of academic programs. I still remain in contact with friends from UC – a few of these are Mr. Chhim Sopheak, Mr. Chea Pum, and Mr. Uon Silot.

Academic writing was extremely difficult to understand. However, I realized that it was really helpful, and it provided me with a good foundation for my academic courses when I was in Graduate Programs (Master and Doctoral Degree Programs). During my time, UC was small in terms of campus and facilities. On the other hand, it was big in terms of ambition and quality.

I learnt that a lot of UC students were successful in their academic life and careers. I am delighted to be a UC alumni. Successful learning comes from personal interest and effort, quality of instruction, and the surrounding environment. UC fostered these, to my everlasting gratitude.”

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Mr. Chheng Samuth


Mr. Chheng Samuth received his BA degree in International Relations from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently he is a Sponsorship Service Program Officer at the International Non-Governmental Organization.
His Previous job was Project Assistant at JICA.

Mr. Samuth mentioned that:
“Positive changes in my life started since I first stepped into The University
of Cambodia, which is an English language based University.
Studying at The University of Cambodia, has been my best choice and the right decision since there are a lot of core and elective interesting subjects and qualified lecturers with much experience in teaching, who are friendly, and who share and provide knowledge to all students. I am unable to forget the most respectful and inspirational lecturers namely: Prof. Dr. In Sophal, Mr. Kem Sambath, and Mr. Neng Vannak.

Thanks to this strong academic foundation and the high quality of human resources offered by UC, I got a good job that really reflected  my field of study.

I was fortunate to gain a very strong academic foundation and education from The University of Cambodia, along with taking initiative, formulating critical thinking and gaining motivation from qualified and open-minded Professors.

I really appreciate being a student at The University of Cambodia. UC has offered me a very strong academic background, not only in my major, but also in leadership to prepare me for a competitive career.  Especially, UC has been a chance for me to develop and learn more about higher levels of the English language. To help me move forward in my career, UC also offered me soft skills such as communication skills, which are important traits to help me get to the top of my career field.

I also very much appreciate keeping in contact with UC for conferences, and the opportunity to hear from famous Professors from foreign universities. This has also provided valuable opportunities for students to ask questions and learn more.

I believe that that current and fellow students are very fortunate to have the chance to study at UC where they will find the best support available.”

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Mr. Cheng Reaksmey


Mr. Cheng Reaksmey received his BA degree in International Relations from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently he is an Admin Training Manager at RMA Cambodia. Previously he was a Training Executive at the Cambodian Federation
of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA).

Mr. Reaksmey highlighted:
“There are lecturers and UC members of staff who have guided me and shared
experiences when I was a student.
There are many activities with lecturers, University activities, clubs, senates,
UC friends, etc. with whom I am still in contact.
The teachers that I found particularly inspirational were: Mr. Ratana,
Mr. In Sophal, Dr. Kale, Mr. Both, Mr. Long, Mr. Time, Miss. Gina, and many more.
Learning by doing has also been a pathway towards success.”

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