Mr. Tong Soprach


Mr. Tong Soprach received his Master’s Degree in Public Health from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2008. Currently he is a Social-Affairs Columnist, The Phnom Penh Post & Public Health Consultant. Previously he was a Freelance Public Health Consultant.

Mr. Soprach said that:
“As a member of the UC Young Leader Representatives, UC introduced me to the world through networks, workshops and international conferences such as The European Population Conference in Liverpool, UK; The Asia Economic Forum in Phnom Penh; the Forum on International Development Cooperation; and WSD Handa Fellow/ Pacific Forum CSIS Young Leader, Tokyo, Japan. I still keep in touch by sharing knowledge, documentations and job opportunities in our Facebook group and by e-mail with all my Public Health Alumni and also with other UC Alumni such as Mr Soth Nimol, Miss Vong Socheata, Ms Chak Sopheap and so on.  UC offers qualified teachers and a lot of modern books and documents on paper and in e-books online for study. Current students should study and work harder on both technical terms and also their
English language skills to join in the competition available in free markets.”

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