Mr. Phal Sereiratha


Mr. Phal Sereiratha received his BA degree in Information Technology from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2012. Currently he is pursuing his Master degree in Embedded Systems
and Robotics at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

Mr. Sereiratha has mentioned that:
“UC has made me who I am today. It was where I received quality education, friendship, encouragement and developed my confidence, high performing attitude, hard work and teamwork spirit until I could earn a scholarship and pass the language barrier to study abroad. UC is a meaningful and unforgettable place to me. I feel that I have gained the most from the courses such as Programming, Databases, and Object Oriented Programming, that laid a strong foundation of knowledge for me in my chosen field and also in real life problem solving.
All the lecturers are professional, friendly, and helpful which made the study environment inspiring for students to work hard towards their goals. I still keep contact with a lot of friends who studied together at UC, both from my college and others. Take the move into what
you want, as the process is truly as important as the goals.”

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