Mr. Ong Sochheka


Mr. Ong Sochheka received his BA degree in Science (BSc) from The University of
Cambodia (UC) in 2007. Currently he is the Head of Training at Manulife (Cambodia) PLC.  Prior to this, he was Project Support and Marketing Researcher with Kamonohashi Project, working to give back to the community.

Mr. Sochekka has mentioned that:
UC is a great University. I think the key points that UC has taught me for my life is being passionate in the things we do, plus having clear goals to achieve greatness in life. To me, learning the English language was the most significant thing that changed my life. I have
learned morals, ethics, and discipline which has helped to make me who I am today.
Two fond memories of my university life in UC are lecturers and classroom environment.
To current students: believe in yourself, believe in what you do, have a dream to achieve something in life, put a timeframe into it, and work hard to achieve it. Never Give Up!
I wish one day, I can go back to UC and share my life’s experiences to all of the students there.
I want nothing more than the SUCCESS of new graduates and I believe all together we can
have greater strength to change our country and our world to be a better place. Thank you!

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