Mr. Ky Vannroath


Mr. Ky Vannroath received his BA degree in Information Technology from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2012.

Currently he is pursuing a MA degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) at GyeongSang National University, South Korea.

My first career was working as an IT Assistant in Vattanac Bank and My career progressed well until I came to hold an important role in the IT department as a Senior IT Executive.

Mr. Vannroath indicated that:

“Firstly, studying at UC with an Information Technology major has enabled me to learn in-depth about the core subjects in IT courses. Furthermore, I was also exposed to other interesting and important elective courses including business and leadership.
They were the right tools that equipped and strengthened my academic and career foundations.

Secondly, UC has provided me with the stepping stones to communicate to the outside world through its programs that use English as the medium of instruction.

Thirdly, I have gained a strong fundamental knowledge that is still vital in my academic life and career, up until today. The application of these fundamentals has been useful to date, during my studies in Korea.

To some students, UC may seem to be small in comparison to some other universities, in terms of campus size, but to UC students, UC is huge in terms of intellectual capacity, resources of knowledge, think-tanks and the available opportunities for students to develop their skills and knowledge through college activities. These have helped UC students greatly in building themselves up for life’s success and greatness.

I believe in this phrase “A Miracle is another name for hard work”.  So study hard and study smart.”

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