Mr. Khov Ea Hai


Mr. Khov Ea Hai received his BA in International Relations from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2013. Currently he works as a National Economist at Department of Economic Integration and ASEAN. Prior to this, he was an Assistant to the Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Mr. Ea Hai said that:
“UC has laid down the fundamental knowledge for me due to three main reasons:
(1) focusing on the quality of education, (2) using English as the medium for
instruction, and (3) providing lots of practical experiences for students. Therefore,
I decided to spend my spare time during the weekends for lecturing fellow
UC students in providing them both the theories and practical experiences
that I have had for 5 years in the field of International Relations.

Recalling academic experiences in the University of Cambodia, there were two subjects remaining in my thoughts today. They are Globalization and International Affairs, taught by Lecturer Dr. In Sophal, and the International Dispute Settlement, taught by Lecturer Taing Ratana.

My friends and I, indeed, had built unforgettable memories throughout our academic lives. Even after commencement day, our relationships still remain strong. I believe that these friendships have been particularly bounded by our concrete efforts during the 5th mandate of The University of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS) in realising numerous projects within a whole year.

The key memories I have with UC are mostly during my mandate as a member of UCSS. These memories were shaped by the working spirit with friends in groups, project advisers, project sponsors and charity organizations. We spent lots of time going through difficulties and beingjoyful together.”

Opportunity does not naturally come to you, but you have to be visionary by constructing and preparing for them.

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