Mr. Chheang Vantak

What did you like about UC?

“What I like about UC is the course design which is a credit program which allows students to choose some subjects that they would like to study instead of only studying assigned courses which don’t match the stu­dents’ interests. I also liked that all the programs are taught in English.”

What did you think of your program’s facilities such as available technology, resources, and class­rooms?

“I believe that UC has provided students with good facilities in terms of study materials and the supporting technology equipment that has been set up in the classrooms and libraries which are quite convenient for the students to focus on their studies.”

What accomplishments did you achieve during your university experience?

“To be frank, I actually had a number of achievements when I was studying at UC. I acknowledged that I am very confident in public speaking and very good at communicating professionally after having been trained by experienced professors at UC. I have gained a very valuable education and I did progressively well dur­ing my academic career.

Was there a professor, staff member, or fellow student who made a lasting impression on you or helped you when you were at UC? How? Why?

“I should keep this confidential by not naming out the professor’s name. The impression that I have toward the professor is about professor’s commitment and efforts to explain in detail to the students; I have never seen anyone do like this before. I believe that professor will contribute good knowledge to all the students at UC.”

Do you still keep in contact with any of your classmates, professors, or staff members?

“Friends are a part of my happiness and without them I would not have this happiness that I feel right now. We always get together when we are free from work, and some are continuing their studies abroad, which is very good. I still keep in touch with professors at UC as well because sometimes when I need letters of recommendation from them, they are very happy to issue me one.”

What was your most memorable moment as a student at UC?

“Speaking of academic life at UC, I will never forget about the structure of examinations because every student from all the faculties is designated to sit randomly in rows to avoid cheating. I believe this is a very good structure for UC.”

What would you like to tell prospective students about the university or the program?

“I really recommend UC as a preferred university because there are various fields of subjects to choose from. Additionally, there are many experienced professors who assist the students in all matters that they face.”

What advice can you offer to incoming or current students?

“As a UC alumnus, I can say that I had a great experience completing my academic study there. I would suggest to all students to study hard and find your strengths within your expertise – do not listen to stereo­types, but just be yourself and you will find that what you are doing is worth it.”

What career advice would you like to give to students to better prepare them for the real world?

“I would advise all UC students to be well-prepared for planning their future careers because as long as they like what they are doing they should focus on it until they reach their goals. Everyone starts from zero and so have I, but don’t forget that we do not end with zero. Students are encouraged to do internships because those experiences will help them to be successful in the workplace, or applying for scholarships.”

What is your current job? Is your current job related to your study program from the University of Cambodia?

“I am currently a Study Abroad Counselor at IDP Education pty Ltd and my current job is not 100 percent related; however, all the knowledge that I gained from UC is applied to my job.”

How has UC encouraged you to pursue your career?

“UC was designed to teach people something new, and how to deal with things that professionals typically face; therefore, I personally believe that UC has encouraged me to do something new for my future career.”

What are the career achievements that you would like to share with students?

“I have not done something in a big scale of achieve­ment, but I have done something incredible for me and my family. I grow from one level to another which is good, as I can see it is a trend that always grows up and up.”

Describe UC in 3 words.

“Excellence, Experience and Effort’”

What is your lasting impression of UC?

“I think UC is building leaders for tomorrow.”

Can current UC students/alumni contact you for career related advice? How should they contact you?

“Making friends and helping people are the two things that make me happy. If anyone has any ques­tions or anything else that I can help with, then they can contact me via Facebook at https://www.face­”





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