Miss Nara Sokhema


Miss Nara Sokhema received her BA in Economics from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2013. Currently she works as a Director of Recruitment, Selection and Marketing at Teach for Cambodia. Prior to this, she completed a Master’s Degree in International Development from the University of Manchester, UK.

Miss Sokhema has mentioned that:
“After high school, I was offered 4 scholarships. With significant research and analysis, I’m glad that UC was one of my 2 selected choices because it offered very interesting and unique opportunities. What I really liked about UC was the ability to take elective courses, which allowed me to explore a variety of skills outside of my major. This not only expanded my horizons and world view, but also provided a wonderful chance to build a network with some amazing lecturers and students in diverse fields, all of
which have been very valuable during and after my study at UC.

Another remarkable feature is the partnerships with various local and international institutions, including policy, media, research and more. I enjoyed a good range of opportunities to meet great people such as Jackie Chan, the head of the World Bank, high ranking officials and many more amazing people who came to talk to us through special lectures or events.

When talking about learning, I hope everyone would see it as a life-long process and keep on learning and growing. Be proactive and socially engaged. I strongly encourage students to grab the learning opportunity beyond the classroom and become actively involved in extra-curricular activities or lead social volunteerism initiatives. You’ll be amazed by the differences you can make to society, some people’s lives, and the leadership you have built for yourself.”

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