Miss Khorn Dalin


Miss Khorn Dalin received her BA in International Relations from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently she is an Officer at
the National Bank of Cambodia. Prior to this, she has furthered her Master of Development Policy at the KDI School of Public Policy and Management in the Republic of Korea. She is also studying for her BA of Finance and Banking.

Miss. Dalin stated that:
“I do appreciate the student-centred education system at UC where teachers encourage students to voice their opinions. This provides the opportunity for students to confidently voice their ideas and concerns. I learned a lot from UC such as English language skills, knowledge of social issues, and networking.
I still keep in touch with many fellow students.

I have good memories of UC such as: recognition and rewarding of hard work, and the diversity of friends I was able to make.

I have some words for current students about how to be successful in their lives:

–    Be strong for upcoming challenges
–    Be ready for upcoming opportunities
–    Be grateful for what you have
–    Always have hope and dream freely
–    Shine and Bloom!
–    Plan and draw your destiny by yourself.

I couldn’t believe, and I didn’t think I deserved to gain the highest GPA in foundation year at UC, because my English was not that good compared to other classmates. Then I realized that different people have different talents and uniqueness—and so do I. My English was not good, yet I spent more time and effort on it, which was recognized and rewarded.”

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