Mr. Rath Darapisuor


Mr. Rath Darapisuor received his BA degree in International Relations from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014.  Currently he is the Governance Project
Manager at Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), a UK’s based organization.

Mr. Darapisuor mentioned about his career and his education that:
“After working for almost 2 years with Transparency International Cambodia, I was successfully selected as the Programme Support Officer at the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), UK’s based organisation. Because of my performance and commitment, 6 months
after I started, I was promoted to Health Programme Manager for another 6 months until the programme phased out. Earlier this year, I was successfully selected as the Governance Project Manager in the same organisation to manage the 30-month project with a total amount of
1 million Euro. Currently, I am managing 4 staff, 9 long-term international volunteers, 3 implementing partners and 8 Provincial CSO networks as the primary actors. My life has improved because of the strong academic education at University of Cambodia along with my esteemed professors who were always motivating students to study hard and be smart.

UC has provided me with a strong academic foundation, which has enabled me to jump into the labour
market with a competitive edge. Thank you to the open-minded professors who always gave advice to me.

The most memorable encounters during my student life at UC were the Mid-term and Final Examinations.
For each course, they were absolutely strict. Students were kept in the same hall with mixtures of student from different faculties so that cheating would not be possible. This could guarantee a high quality of education and
as a result, I could see that most of my classmates could compete with the current labour market.

If I were to leave some notes for my fellow students who are still studying at UC now, it would be:
“Please do not study more than one degree if you are working at the same time.  Be smart in your career development
by setting a clear goal with what exactly you want to be, so you can make a clear plan to achieve it.”
During the academic life, I knew what I wanted to be and then I made my plan in terms of how to achieve it.
As a result, I could achieve a management position within a 2-year time frame after my graduation from The University of Cambodia.

I am very proud to be a UC student. Last but not least, I do hope that the next generation can achieve more than I could do.”

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Mr. Sroeun Nisay


Mr. Sroeun Nisay received his MA degree in Educational Administration from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015. Currently he is the Senior Vice-Principal at Sovannaphumi School, Takhmao Campus. Prior to starting his MA degree, he graduated from BA in English from
The University of Cambodia in 2010.

“UC has prepared me to be an effective and excellent leader in the educational field.
My work is going very well and I practice what I have learnt from UC. Studying educational administration has enabled me to learn about leadership and management in education, both in theory and in practical application. Furthermore, I have learnt from other interesting elective courses that were related to my major and they have proven to be very valuable. The Associate Dean Khun Channy and Vice President Dr. Y Ratana were very helpful to me, especially when
I was writing my research paper. I really appreciate the E-library which gave me access to a large array of academic journals and literature for my research. All of my classmates were also
very helpful. We shared something special together which helped improve our learning.
After I graduated from my MA degree at UC, I was promoted to be a Senior Vice-Principal at Sovannaphumi School, Takhmao Campus, Kandal province. For our current students, I would like to say, choose the major which is related to the job that you wish to do or the job that is in accord with the market’s needs in the future, for instance the tourism industry.”

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Mr. Sam Sochet


Mr. Sam Sochet received his BA degree in education from The University of Cambodia (UC)
in 2014. Currently he is pursuing a Master Degree in Public Management at the University of Cambodia under a scholarship program. Mr. Sochet worked as a part-time English teacher during his undergraduate studies and was an active member of the UC Student Senate (UCSS). Upon graduating from UC with the BA in Education; he became a Campus Principal at
Milky Way School.

He discussed his education experiences, saying that: “UC provided many things for me such as real knowledge and experience, communication skills, and both academic and soft skills; that has enabled me to set up clear goals to make me a better person. My key memories of UC were the volunteering opportunities, networking, and social life with my peers. All students should strive for the opportunities to build their own capacity both in academic and soft skills and try to spend time volunteering or participating in some projects or social activities at the university. I would like to say that UC is an educational institution with high potential that provides real knowledge and produces real talent and capable members in our society.”

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Miss Tang Sreyneang


Miss Tang Sreyneang received her BA degree in Business Management from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015 as the top student in her year and received
a Medal of Honor for top outstanding graduates. Currently, she holds a position as
a Management Associate at Maybank-Cambodia.

Speaking about her experience from university life, Miss Sreyneang mentioned:
“In addition to the unique and flexible curriculum which allows us some areas
to select courses to study, UC provided the opportunities to explore ourselves
in the real world. These opportunities are made available through various
national competitions that UC gets involved with and presentations of opportunities for scholarships abroad which enabled us to build up ourselves and our capabilities. To all students out there, if you are considering higher education in the field of Business, go to the UC School of Business!”

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Miss Sreng Leakhena


Miss Sreng Leakhena received her BA degree in Business Management from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2012. Currently, she holds a position as an international broadcaster at Voice of America in Washington D.C.

“Studying Business Management at UC enabled me to learn about business skill sets and knowledge. However most importantly, I have not only learnt about business, but also many other interesting elective courses ranging from international relations to history. This special opportunity deepened my own understanding about myself of what I would like to pursue for my future academic and career path.
UC opened up my horizons and provided me with a large scope of knowledge that
has been the key foundation which enabled me to do well in my Master’s program of International Studies. As a result, I was recruited to work in my dream job as a broadcaster which allowed me to make an impact to people in my home
country by informing them what is happening around the world.”

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Outstanding Student


Normally, the way I study is that I pay attention to the lecturer all the time, during every class; and more importantly, I always take notes on what the lecturer is saying because I think that all the information given in class is very important. When I have any questions or doubts or I feel unsure about something, I always raise my hand to ask questions. Moreover, I always actively participate in class activities such as group discussions.”
“One other thing, I realize that studying in the classroom by paying attention to the lecturers alone is not enough for us as a university student. We have to do extra self-study at home, such as reading the text-book before coming to class. Within one day, I allocate time to study according to the difficulty level of each subject or topic. For instance some subjects that are difficult to understand I would read for about one hour, as opposed to some easier subjects, which I may spend only 15 minutes on. During reading, I always take notes, especially for key terms that I cannot understand; I always Google the word to and the definition.”

Do you do anything different when studying for a quiz or exam?

“It is very beneficial for us to take notes, so when it comes to time for review for exams, I can look through my notes and easily understand the key points of all the lessons. For quizzes and exams I may take some extra time to review but it should not change too much because actually, we should start studying every day from the beginning of term, not just before a test. However, sometimes I will form group discussions with my classmates. We can share ideas and and out what we understand or don’t understand, and we can help each other with difficult concepts.”

Do you study at another university or have a job or internship?
“No I only study at the University of Cambodia. In the morning I help my mom with our business, and I attend classes in the afternoon. I used to be a youth volunteer for a social work organization, but now I am concentrating on my final exam for university.”

How do you manage your time and schedule?
“To be successful in my studies, I must manage my time and make a study plan at the beginning of each term. This is very important to me because I want to achieve good grades. Manage your time and don’t delay the tasks. That is very important, especially when you have to manage five or more courses at the same time.”

Being a student can be a very stressful and busy time, how do you manage your health?
“I admit that student life at university can be stressful. Whenever I feel stressed I stop reading or studying for a while and go out to get fresh air, relax and refresh and then later I would come back to do it again. This way I would not feel so stressed. One of the most important things is to take care of my health, it is very important to stay strong and healthy, and to get enough sleep, especially during exam time.”

What are your future plans?
“After I graduate I plan to and a job at either an NGO or in the public sector. I also have a plan to continue my studies further to obtain a Master’s degree either in Cambodia or abroad, so I am also looking for local or international scholarship.”

What advice can you give to other students who are hoping to be more successful next term?
“All students should set study goals every term, and set course expectations in terms of the end result. Meaning you should ask yourself, “What do I want to get from every subject?” The next step is to have a study plan by working out a strategy to achieve your goal, and then working hard to achieve it. Lastly, it is very important to know how to prepare for exams. You have to pay attention to the lecturer from the beginning of term, and study and prepare by taking notes during each class. I suggest that students do not leave their studying for right before exams, you will have many exams around the same period and you will feel stressed, and will not achieve good results.”

—————- By: Ms. Nuon Soneta

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