Miss LOR Mouy Ngich


Miss LOR Mouy Ngich received her BA in Law from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2016.  Currently she is working as a civil servant at the Ministry of Interior, and won a scholarship in Public Administration from The University of Cambodia for a Master’s Degree.

Miss Mouy Ngich said that:
“During my Bachelor Degree courses, I acknowledged that I have learnt general, elective, core, and major courses which have broadened my knowledge and understanding regarding to law and other fields which were necessary for me to apply to my work and life.

Besides the lectures in the classroom, I was encouraged to participate in events like participating in mock trials, visiting trials at the First Instance Court, and especially conducting a Competition of Legal Client Counseling while I was in my last term with the course “Legal Research and Writing” taught by Mr. Mam Thana, the Associate Dean of the College of Law. These events are very useful for a law student like me since I can get new insight of how the knowledge learnt at school can be applied in the real practice. Besides this course, I also took courses like Introduction to Law, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Business Law, International Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure, Taxation Law, Administrative Law, Special Criminal Law, Banking Law, International Trade and Policy, Contract Law, Land Management and Urban Law, and Intellectual Property Law.

I really appreciate the President of University who provided me the scholarship to study both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree at this prestigious university. I would like to show my greatest respect and sincerest thanks to our Associate Dean and all respective and experienced law lecturers who have contributed their time and energy in teaching me and other law students, giving advice, and encouraging us to do an internship or to get involved with work related to the law field. From what I have gained from school is very valuable for me in my work right now and for my future aspirations.

If you want to get a good job, please study hard with the support of The University of Cambodia and its helpful lectures.”

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