Mr. Long Chantola


Mr. Long Chantola received his BA degree in Business Management from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015.  Currently he is pursuing a Master degree in Commerce Specialized in Finance at Charles Sturt University in Sydney.  Prior to starting his Master degree, he worked as an analyst at ANZ Royal bank for 15 months where he worked to analyze customers’ credit for loan approval.
“Studying in Australia is not so tough for me as I found the system is very similar to that of UC, which trained me to study in a similar way. In terms of study, professors at UC are highly competent as they can explain all questions with practical examples, which make it easy for me to understand. There is also a big library with discussion rooms for group studies.”

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Miss Long Srey Roth


Miss Long Srey Roth received her BA degree in International Relations from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015. During her undergraduate studies, she was working as medical laboratory technologist at Institute Pasteur du Cambodge. Following Graduation, she continued to attend medical training in Toyko, Japan for 1 year and is now working for a preparation of
an opening of a new Japanese Hospital in September 2016.

Miss Srey Roth mentioned that: “I really enjoyed the Political leadership class, lectured
by Dr. Kem Sambath. Although I am not working in the field of International Relations which was what I studied at UC, UC has provided me with the opportunity to reach other goals in my life.
As I came to understand more about social issues as well as my developed capability in the English language, I obtained a chance to receive training abroad. Working as a medical staff member is very hard but this is what I wish to do— saving the lives of people.
Friends, lecturers and all UC members are unforgettable to me. I wish them all a bright future and hope that they can help build up our society to be among the developed nations in the world.”

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Mr. Sroeun Nisay


Mr. Sroeun Nisay received his MA degree in Educational Administration from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015. Currently he is the Senior Vice-Principal at Sovannaphumi School, Takhmao Campus. Prior to starting his MA degree, he graduated from BA in English from
The University of Cambodia in 2010.

“UC has prepared me to be an effective and excellent leader in the educational field.
My work is going very well and I practice what I have learnt from UC. Studying educational administration has enabled me to learn about leadership and management in education, both in theory and in practical application. Furthermore, I have learnt from other interesting elective courses that were related to my major and they have proven to be very valuable. The Associate Dean Khun Channy and Vice President Dr. Y Ratana were very helpful to me, especially when
I was writing my research paper. I really appreciate the E-library which gave me access to a large array of academic journals and literature for my research. All of my classmates were also
very helpful. We shared something special together which helped improve our learning.
After I graduated from my MA degree at UC, I was promoted to be a Senior Vice-Principal at Sovannaphumi School, Takhmao Campus, Kandal province. For our current students, I would like to say, choose the major which is related to the job that you wish to do or the job that is in accord with the market’s needs in the future, for instance the tourism industry.”

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Miss Tang Sreyneang


Miss Tang Sreyneang received her BA degree in Business Management from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015 as the top student in her year and received
a Medal of Honor for top outstanding graduates. Currently, she holds a position as
a Management Associate at Maybank-Cambodia.

Speaking about her experience from university life, Miss Sreyneang mentioned:
“In addition to the unique and flexible curriculum which allows us some areas
to select courses to study, UC provided the opportunities to explore ourselves
in the real world. These opportunities are made available through various
national competitions that UC gets involved with and presentations of opportunities for scholarships abroad which enabled us to build up ourselves and our capabilities. To all students out there, if you are considering higher education in the field of Business, go to the UC School of Business!”

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