Mr. Bun Penghuy


Mr. Bun Penghuy received his BA in Law from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015. Currently he is a Legal Adviser at KCP Cambodia.
Prior to this, he was a Translator at VOA Khmer.

Mr. Penghuy said that:
“I have learnt and gained legal knowledge from different lecturers, some of whom are lawyers, prosecutors and judges. During that time, I enjoyed discussing and debating legal matters not only with my classmates but also with lecturers. Unexpectedly, I enrolled into a course called “Legal Research and Writing” taught by Mr. Mam Thana, the Associate Dean of College of Law. This particular course is very useful and helpful for law students to shape their future careers. For instance, I applied to the law firm I am currently working for and I was asked to take a test consisting of legal knowledge and skills.

One of the test items is to write a letter to give advice to clients. Suddenly, I recalled what I learnt from “Legal Research and Writing” class and wrote as what I learned. After the interview, waiting for one day for the result and being offered, I came to realize that UC has helped me a lot, especially with the above-mentioned course. I am strongly confident that law courses conducted at UC are the fundamental bases to prepare students for their desired careers.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of my law lecturers, namely Lecturer Eang Sopheak, Lecturer Than Chanchamnan, Lecturer Chan Dararasmey and Lecuter Keo Vanny, and especially the Associate Dean, lecturer Mam Thana, for teaching me how to write the memorandums of law. Also, thanks to UC, I am who I am today. Without a scholarship from UC, I would not have today and would not get this job. I encourage you all to get involved with UC activities as much as possible.”

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Mr. Svay Chanrachana


Mr. Svay Chanrachana received his BA in Education from The University of Cambodia (UC)
in 2015. Currently he is a Team Supervisor at Operation Asha Organization, which focuses on educating people about tuberculosis. Prior to this, he was a Community Facilitator at Chamroeun Microfinance.

Mr. Chanrachana mentioned that:
“UC has given me the knowledge, experience and moral judgement as a student and as a responsible citizen in the society. UC provided me with a full scholarship, warm environment, and excellent lectures from the UC’s members. Psychology of Education, Special Needs, Teaching Methodology, Cognitive Development, and Multi-Cultural Education were the most important subjects to me, as they are the foundation to modern education. I’m still contact with my friend Sok Rithysa, BA. English Literature. My career and life is better than before after I graduated from UC because I can find any job to support myself and my future as well. UC is the best place where you all can receive or exchange knowledge, experiences, opportunities, and challenge yourself for a better future. I just want to let you know that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world’-Nelson Mandela.”

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Mr. Pa Vachana


Mr. Pa Vachana received his BA in English literature from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015. Currently he is an Administrative Officer at EDC (Electricity of Cambodia).
Prior to this, he was an IT Technician at TE AIK HONG Co, Ltd.

Mr. Vachana has mentioned that:
“After UC, I can say that my life has become much better and easier. I have got more confidence to show to the public; I am stronger in knowledge of both soft and hard skills. I am recognised as a UC alumnus. This helps me to obtain good opportunities both in career and everyday life.
UC is where my knowledge in English language began and improved. I can now use my English to enhance my studying, researching, communicating, and working performance. Because of these English skills, I passed most of my interviews, especially in the short-listing process. This is because almost all companies consider English to be necessary, in addition to our specific skills. So this means that UC provided me with the best and right knowledge to get good opportunities and good jobs.

Thinking about UC makes me remember all my beloved, knowledgeable, and respectful lecturers who tried so hard to teach and share whatever they had to give to students. Besides, UC reminds me about my group presentations and the hard work of each member to get the presentation done well.
My most unforgettable time was when I was in term 1 and went on a study tour to Mondolkiri province, arranged by my history lecturer. I was very excited to see the real aspects of what I was learning about in the books. And we have formed great friendships with other students. Regardless of our study major or the generation we were in.

Lecturer Seng Ra and Ly Vannarath are my favourite lecturers because they taught me many important courses which contain interesting novels and short stories from famous writers around the world. And these were all are the main courses in order to complete my bachelor’s degree in English.

Lecturer Ly Solim, who I consider as a long perspective lecturer, taught me in MKT 306 and HTM 305. These two enable me to remember all the good and important lessons I learnt with him. He shared the knowledge of business concepts, how to become a successful businessman, and he guided all students to be ready for the upcoming years.

Lecturer Chum Chandarin was also important, because he taught me how to make presentations (including my very first presentation in University life).

Professor Dep Sopahl taught me in KHM 140. He reviewed what I had learnt in high school. He taught me how to make professional group presentations (Khmer context). I also experienced with him our first study tour to learn more about the culture of some tribes living in the northeast of Cambodia.

PST 102 taught by Professor In Sophal. From this course I learnt how to do research papers, which has been very useful for students in academic as well as professional environments.

I still keep in touch with my best friends such as Khan Sokummono (IR), Chou Cheameas (Eng), Hor Kimsophorn (Eng), Lim KimY (Eng),
Mean Sreyrun (LAW), and Tex Kimmey (LAW).

In the name of UC alumni, I have some words to share to my younger generation who are currently studying at UC. “Never stop learning no matter how old you are because one day in the future you will realise how important your knowledge is.” “Better try hard now or you will regret later when you cannot come back.”

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Miss Chhuon Pagna


Miss Chhuon  Pagna received her BA in International Relations from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015. Currently she works as a Research Assistant/Translator at Singapore Embassy in Cambodia.
Prior to this, she was a Translator at Cambodian Television Network.

Miss Pagna stated that:
“UC teachers were inspiring, except that most of them focused more on the course books, assignments and exams rather than the progress of the students. To me, the teacher I found the most inspiring was Travis Mitchell. He paid more attention to students and was patient enough to explain the lessons all over again in case there were doubts. Another thing that made him stand out was that he brought new things to class. He included news reports, world map quizzes, and games to make learning more enjoyable.

I often still contact my friends for the sake of information/experience sharing and for fun. They are Thea Muykhim, Sok Chansy, Koy Kannika, Huot Kheang, Lim Arunremfa, and many more.

UC gave me the insight necessary for work-life ahead. Even students with the same major could not study with each other in all courses, but we could meet new students and lecturers who had different norms, expectations and life experiences. It is the same for being a worker where we need to meet and communicate with a broad range of people (our colleagues, our clients or work- partners) and make adjustments accordingly. That taught me how to adapt to different situations and people, although that also meant it was more difficult to find close friends due to the short periods of contact.

I think the advice I can give to current students is stop embracing the idea of studying as many majors as possible. Instead, go for one major and use your time wisely by joining as many extra-curricular activities as you can. This will give you opportunities to make friends, to explore yourself, and to add credit to your future academic and career performance, which I believe is worth more to your life than any additional certificate.

Finally, I hope that everyone works hard in every aspect of their lives. Although our efforts may not pay off immediately, at least this will demonstrate our positive attitudes and we won’t regret looking back.

PS: Live your life to the fullest. Study, make friends, travel and have fun.”

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Chea Veasna


Mr. Chea Veasna received his BA in International Relations from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015. Currently he works as a senior official student for the Royal Government of Cambodia, and is studying diplomacy at the Royal School of Administration. Prior to this, he was an intern at the Cambodia Centre for Human Rights.

Mr. Veasna has mentioned that:
“The University of Cambodia is one of the best education institutions in Cambodia because it has good facilities, qualified lecturers, good administration, and a good environment for learning, also a beautiful and big campus, allowing students to enjoy studying. Moreover, this University has cooperated with other foreign Universities and exchange programs. I found many UC lecturers were so amazing and inspiring to me because of their teaching ability  and knowledge. They were also punctual. I am still in contact with a lot of my fellow’s students, such as Ms Lor Mouyngiech, who is now pursuing her Master of Administration at UC. Mouyngiech also graduated with Bachelor Degree in Law from UC as well. In addition, I also have also been in contact with Miss Duch Namheak, a current UC student pursuing her Bachelor Degree in IR. I also remain in contact with other students and graduates as well.

UC has provided me with a scholarship after passing the entrance scholarship exam. Last but not least, UC has offered great teachers with great knowledge to teach me and other students.

I have many memories involving UC. On August 9th, 2014 I joined Mock ASEAN 2014 prepared by UC, and I took responsibility in this exercise as a Prime Minister of Singapore. This Mock ASEAN 2014 discussed the tension and resolution of conflict in the South China Sea, which is still a topic of international interest and controversy. Another memory was the joining of many other useful workshops prepared by UC.

Perhaps I may not be the most outstanding student, but I received a certificate of appreciation for outstanding study at the University when it was my last term. Accordingly, I would like to share my insights with current UC students. To be an effective and outstanding learner, you need to set a goal for where you want to go, and who you want to be. In class, we need to carefully listen to what lecturers explain to us and should note down what is highlighted by the lecturers. Most importantly, reading books is so crucial that it can enhance our knowledge very rapidly. When I was in college, I would read a lot of books from school and from the outside world. The more you read, the more you know. If you do not read and you just listen to lecturers explaining, you cannot challenge ideas with other students and foreign students, especially those in ASEAN countries. Last but not least, you should not let your brain roam too freely. This means that you should learn to think about what you study and learn to analyse it. You are therefore able to better listen and watch and analyse useful media such as social networks, TV and radio that is relevant to your study.”



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Miss Meth Sreysovoleak


Miss Meth Sreysovoleak received her BA Degree in Finance and Banking from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015. Currently she is an
Actuarial Analyst at Manulife Cambodia.

Miss Sreysovoleak mentioned that:
“It is not only because of the course of my study that has enabled me to work in
a multi-national company, but UC helped me in so many ways, in my personal developments as well as provided me soft-skills such as leaderships communications and team works. I will not hesitate in recommending
the UC School of Business as the first choice for students who wish to study
in the field of Finance and Banking and related field in business.”

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