Mr. Sok Leanghort


Mr. Sok Leanghort received his BA in Law from The University of Cambodia (UC),
College of Law, in 2014. Currently he is pursuing another scholarship program to study an MA degree in International Journalism Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. At the same time, he works as an Export Coordinator with the Hinrich Foundation Head office, based in Hong Kong, a multinational organization in the ASEAN plus countries including China, India and Hong Kong.
Prior to this, he worked as a news reporter at the Cambodian News Channel (CNC).

Mr. Leanghort said that:
“After obtaining a scholarship from UC, my lifetime rapidly crystallized in the sense that UC provided me everything including a quality education, career and love. I have heard that most UC alumni has achieved higher positions after earning a BA degree, and I very much would attribute UC for that. UC has made a huge positive impact to the country’s productivity.
I found particular inspiration from Prof. Dr. In Sophal, Diep Sophal and Taing Ratana.
I am still in contact with my friends such as Darapisuor, Kea Putry, Kuy Envichea, Yan Sinith, Khorn Dalin, as well as others. UC is the right place for students and its credit is
well-known among employers across the country.”

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Mr. Chheng Samuth


Mr. Chheng Samuth received his BA degree in International Relations from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently he is a Sponsorship Service Program Officer at the International Non-Governmental Organization.
His Previous job was Project Assistant at JICA.

Mr. Samuth mentioned that:
“Positive changes in my life started since I first stepped into The University
of Cambodia, which is an English language based University.
Studying at The University of Cambodia, has been my best choice and the right decision since there are a lot of core and elective interesting subjects and qualified lecturers with much experience in teaching, who are friendly, and who share and provide knowledge to all students. I am unable to forget the most respectful and inspirational lecturers namely: Prof. Dr. In Sophal, Mr. Kem Sambath, and Mr. Neng Vannak.

Thanks to this strong academic foundation and the high quality of human resources offered by UC, I got a good job that really reflected  my field of study.

I was fortunate to gain a very strong academic foundation and education from The University of Cambodia, along with taking initiative, formulating critical thinking and gaining motivation from qualified and open-minded Professors.

I really appreciate being a student at The University of Cambodia. UC has offered me a very strong academic background, not only in my major, but also in leadership to prepare me for a competitive career.  Especially, UC has been a chance for me to develop and learn more about higher levels of the English language. To help me move forward in my career, UC also offered me soft skills such as communication skills, which are important traits to help me get to the top of my career field.

I also very much appreciate keeping in contact with UC for conferences, and the opportunity to hear from famous Professors from foreign universities. This has also provided valuable opportunities for students to ask questions and learn more.

I believe that that current and fellow students are very fortunate to have the chance to study at UC where they will find the best support available.”

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Mr. Cheng Reaksmey


Mr. Cheng Reaksmey received his BA degree in International Relations from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently he is an Admin Training Manager at RMA Cambodia. Previously he was a Training Executive at the Cambodian Federation
of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA).

Mr. Reaksmey highlighted:
“There are lecturers and UC members of staff who have guided me and shared
experiences when I was a student.
There are many activities with lecturers, University activities, clubs, senates,
UC friends, etc. with whom I am still in contact.
The teachers that I found particularly inspirational were: Mr. Ratana,
Mr. In Sophal, Dr. Kale, Mr. Both, Mr. Long, Mr. Time, Miss. Gina, and many more.
Learning by doing has also been a pathway towards success.”

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Miss San Sok Him


Miss San Sok Him received her BA degree in Information Technology from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently, Miss San Sok Him is pursuing
master degree of International Studies Program at Chung-Ang University in Seoul, Korea.

Miss Sok Him said that: “I really appreciate all the hard work that all my lecturers have put in.
UC played an important role in preparing me for my life. It has been like a bridge that has
helped me to be where I am now. It’s the place that has taught me to be respectful to
lecturers and my good friends. Together, we enjoyed the events that UC presented,
although I especially missed the New Year celebrations!
“At UC I was able to study courses conducted in English, which helped improve
my speaking and writing skills, not to also mention the excellent CES course I took.”
I was also able to enrol in my favourite courses by way of the Credit System.
These were the courses that enabled me to make friends with other students who
were not from the same major I was studying.”

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Mr. Rath Darapisuor


Mr. Rath Darapisuor received his BA degree in International Relations from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014.  Currently he is the Governance Project
Manager at Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), a UK’s based organization.

Mr. Darapisuor mentioned about his career and his education that:
“After working for almost 2 years with Transparency International Cambodia, I was successfully selected as the Programme Support Officer at the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), UK’s based organisation. Because of my performance and commitment, 6 months
after I started, I was promoted to Health Programme Manager for another 6 months until the programme phased out. Earlier this year, I was successfully selected as the Governance Project Manager in the same organisation to manage the 30-month project with a total amount of
1 million Euro. Currently, I am managing 4 staff, 9 long-term international volunteers, 3 implementing partners and 8 Provincial CSO networks as the primary actors. My life has improved because of the strong academic education at University of Cambodia along with my esteemed professors who were always motivating students to study hard and be smart.

UC has provided me with a strong academic foundation, which has enabled me to jump into the labour
market with a competitive edge. Thank you to the open-minded professors who always gave advice to me.

The most memorable encounters during my student life at UC were the Mid-term and Final Examinations.
For each course, they were absolutely strict. Students were kept in the same hall with mixtures of student from different faculties so that cheating would not be possible. This could guarantee a high quality of education and
as a result, I could see that most of my classmates could compete with the current labour market.

If I were to leave some notes for my fellow students who are still studying at UC now, it would be:
“Please do not study more than one degree if you are working at the same time.  Be smart in your career development
by setting a clear goal with what exactly you want to be, so you can make a clear plan to achieve it.”
During the academic life, I knew what I wanted to be and then I made my plan in terms of how to achieve it.
As a result, I could achieve a management position within a 2-year time frame after my graduation from The University of Cambodia.

I am very proud to be a UC student. Last but not least, I do hope that the next generation can achieve more than I could do.”

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Mr. Sam Sochet


Mr. Sam Sochet received his BA degree in education from The University of Cambodia (UC)
in 2014. Currently he is pursuing a Master Degree in Public Management at the University of Cambodia under a scholarship program. Mr. Sochet worked as a part-time English teacher during his undergraduate studies and was an active member of the UC Student Senate (UCSS). Upon graduating from UC with the BA in Education; he became a Campus Principal at
Milky Way School.

He discussed his education experiences, saying that: “UC provided many things for me such as real knowledge and experience, communication skills, and both academic and soft skills; that has enabled me to set up clear goals to make me a better person. My key memories of UC were the volunteering opportunities, networking, and social life with my peers. All students should strive for the opportunities to build their own capacity both in academic and soft skills and try to spend time volunteering or participating in some projects or social activities at the university. I would like to say that UC is an educational institution with high potential that provides real knowledge and produces real talent and capable members in our society.”

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