Mr. Mouen Sophet


Mr. Mouen Sophet received his BA in Education from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently he is an official in the Ministry of Environment, Department of Non-Formal Environmental Education.

Mr. Sophet shares his experiences from UC:
“During my school year at UC, I found inspiration from one of my subjects, Research Methodology. This subject has benefitted me a lot since as I now use it in my workplace. Back then I personally got inspiration from Lecturer Diep Sophal, Mam Chan Sean and Chum Chandarin who were outstanding. They guided me during my academic years with ideas and emotional inspiration. Since I finished in 2014, I still remained in contact with some friends:
Mr. Sam Sochet, Ouk Samnang, Pave Ratha, Um Srey Touch etc.

I earned a scholarship to attend UC for my Bachelor’s program in 2009, and I experienced so many ways of teaching and learning in the best system in Cambodia. The University, programs, staff, teachers and directors worked really hard in order to bring knowledge to students, which helped make me who I am today. Honestly, I have been shaped by UC to be one of the most productive members in my work place and society.

My favourite memory for me during school was making good friends with other students. Besides, the academic activities are also one of the best parts of my memory while attending UC.

There are no much words to say but I just would like to address that “Learning is not always joyful for students but if you succeed, it will bring joy to your life.”

It is an honour for me being a governmental official, and this is the result of attending UC. What I have been doing today is what I gained from UC. Experiences, hard skills, soft skills and interpersonal skill all have been made what I am for now. I enjoy my work, my career and my life as fully member of society to help the development of Cambodia. Being a student from UC, I am proud to tell everyone that UC is one of the best academic systems in Cambodia. You never walk alone, if you are UC student. Friends, staff, teachers, directors and all involved sectors will help to guide you to achieve your academic life. I have already made it.”

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Mr. Bunthan Vicheka


Mr. Bunthan Vicheka received his Master in Educational Administration from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently he is a Country Assistant HR Manager at Intertek Testing Services (Cambodia) Company Limited. Prior to this, he was an English Instructor at The University of Cambodia.

Mr. Vicheka shares his experiences from UC:
“UC provides a variety of courses/subjects that help students to be familiar with many different sectors.
In general, lecturers are helpful and skilful. They provide advice in addition to in-book lectures.
During my time at UC, I was attracted to the Human Resource Management course which led to my career change from that time till now. I still have good connections with some of my fellow students there such as Lysrun, Punnreay, Dina, Vimean and Dara. UC provided me with everything, grooming me up and sending me out to a successful career. My message to other students is that you are coming to
the right place, as UC provides you what you need in the future for your best career path.
The University focuses on quality of education and study outcomes. This University was established for developing skills and broadening knowledge, providing both soft and hard skills in response to
current changes in society and employment opportunities.”

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Mr. Chun Sochet


Mr. Chun Sochet received his BA in Information Technology from The University of
Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently he is an IT Officer at Sokha Beach Resort.
Prior to this, he was a Graphic Design at HRN.

Mr. Sochet mentioned that:
“UC, and especially my thesis advisor, has taught me both hard and soft skills. In addition, the university and its lecturers provided good advice for me to succeed in my studies and career. I still have good communication with my fellow classmates like
Mr. Keo Sambath, Sim Rosa, Ly Nironn, and Nuon Sambath among others. My CES classes, class presentations, and the last day when we would submit our assignments are some of my key memories of UC. I would like to wholeheartedly wish UC’s President,
lecturers and staff good health and success in their lives. I also would like to wish
all current students good luck with their studies.”

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Miss Khorn Dalin


Miss Khorn Dalin received her BA in International Relations from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently she is an Officer at
the National Bank of Cambodia. Prior to this, she has furthered her Master of Development Policy at the KDI School of Public Policy and Management in the Republic of Korea. She is also studying for her BA of Finance and Banking.

Miss. Dalin stated that:
“I do appreciate the student-centred education system at UC where teachers encourage students to voice their opinions. This provides the opportunity for students to confidently voice their ideas and concerns. I learned a lot from UC such as English language skills, knowledge of social issues, and networking.
I still keep in touch with many fellow students.

I have good memories of UC such as: recognition and rewarding of hard work, and the diversity of friends I was able to make.

I have some words for current students about how to be successful in their lives:

–    Be strong for upcoming challenges
–    Be ready for upcoming opportunities
–    Be grateful for what you have
–    Always have hope and dream freely
–    Shine and Bloom!
–    Plan and draw your destiny by yourself.

I couldn’t believe, and I didn’t think I deserved to gain the highest GPA in foundation year at UC, because my English was not that good compared to other classmates. Then I realized that different people have different talents and uniqueness—and so do I. My English was not good, yet I spent more time and effort on it, which was recognized and rewarded.”

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Mr. Ray Bora


Mr. Ray Bora received his BA in Information Technology from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently he is a Government Official at The Ministry of Tourism,
Department of Statistics and Tourism Information.
Prior to this, he was a teacher of English at AII.

Mr. Bora mentioned that:
“UC has prepared students’ English proficiency which is extremely crucial in competing in the job market. Even if you cannot find a job in your major, you still can use your English to find a related job. Lecturer Teav Chhunnan was every helpful and encouraging. He supervised the subjects being taken and more importantly he always provided information regarding scholarships and job announcements to all IT folks. Another important lecturer was Marilu Derasera, a Filipino lecturer; she helped build my public speaking capability and self-esteem.
I can’t thank her enough for her openness and willingness to share. She taught me amazing lessons about soft skills, namely intrapersonal communication skills and public speaking.

At UC I have a few close friends who took the same major. We keep in close contact with one another. To name a few, they are Khon Somethear, Pou Sokmean, Keo Venghok, Sek Sopanith, Pou Sopphea, Rim Nalo, and Mouen Sophet who was in the College of Education.

I’ve had many positive memories at UC. I had many friends and studied in the university where I had to compete for a scholarship. I also learned a lot about public speaking, which built my confidence for standing in front of people and talking in English. Some courses really built my self-esteem and supported me to be who I am today.

One of my inspirational words for the youngsters there is to leverage your network. Even though you are successful in your education, it does not define who you are. No matter how outstanding you are, if you are not given chances how can you grow and how high you can climb? Therefore, build a strong network that makes you grow and makes you prosper, not one that drags you backwards. You don’t know who is going to save you from a problematic situation. Choosing who to be around is as important as choosing who you want to be in the future.

The University of Cambodia provided me countless invaluable lessons, both in my personal life and in my academic journey. The university assisted me to maximize my potential and explore who I really am meant to be. I met many kinds of people, many of whom now have become a vital part of my life. Moreover, I received immense knowledge from my Associate Dean, lecturers, and my friends there. They are warmly supportive and encouraging. UC never fails to provide the best services, strong support, and heart-felt warmth and most importantly the sense of family. It’s such a true gift to have studied at UC.”

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Miss Peou Sorphea


Miss Peou Sorphea received her BA in Information Technology from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently she is working as a Graphic Designer and Social Media Handler at Liberty International School.  Prior to this, she was a Magazine Editor at a Mobile Phone Magazine.

Miss Sorphea said that:
At UC, I have learnt a lot of things from the classroom, as well as from social work.
Lecturer Sriv Tharith put a lot of effort into making all lectures for students. I studied graphic design and other database subjects. He always made sure that every student understood the lessons and were able to use them in their working career.
Nowadays, I’m still in contact with some of my friends and we always share information and other knowledge. They are my IT classmates and a few of them are pursuing their degree abroad.
Life at UC has brought me to another step of achieving my dream work and made me become a qualified worker among others in this country. “Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”

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