A l u m n i T a l k: Ms. Ekvisoth Khatty

What did you like about UC program?

A credit system program facilitates student to finish their course faster the normal program of the government university and professors are from different institutions in Cambodia as well as abroad.

What did you think of your program’s facilities such as available technology, resources, and the classrooms?

It was acceptable as UC had the rule for all teachers who need LCD or classrooms for makeup class shall propose to UC contact person in advance. But I observed that some course had a crowded student which led difficulty to student in learning in spite of big room.

What accomplishments did you achieve during your university experience?

Besides having bachelor degree at law, I gained more knowledge and experiences from lecturers as well as my classmates.

Was there a professor, staff, fellow student who made a lasting impression on you or helped you when you were here at UC? How? Why?

Professors were almost supported me in case of need, particularly in the assignments. They gave clear instruction and did more explanation whenever I need their support. Staff at Registrar office was open for help when I asked for GPA. In general, they (professor, staff, and fellow students) were open for discussion and finding solutions to overcome problem met.

What was your most memorable moment as a student of the University of Cambodia?

My most memorable was group assignment with different group members as UC implementing a credit system.

What do you like to tell prospective students about the University or the program?

Accreditable University.

What advice can you offer to incoming or current students?

Getting old is not the barrier for learning, as I am now still proceed for master degree at law despite being old woman.

What is your current job? Is your current job related to your study program from the University of Cambodia?

My current job is designing and managing a program for protecting children from all forms of violence at all setting. My study program on law is helping me to do reflection how the existing laws of Cambodia protect children.

How has UC program encouraged you to pursue your career?

My future career is to be a freelance consultant and I can work with legal agencies or civil society organizations that need to work for child protection program.

What are your career achievements you would like to share with students?

Working smart and keeping learning for self-improvement is the key points for career achievement.

What career advice would you like to give to students to better prepare them for the real world?

If possible, applying to be internship or volunteer in particular agency related to the student program study will help them in preparation for the real work after they graduated from the university.

Describe UC in 3 words?

-Building new leaders

-Promoting Accountability

-Contributing to Cambodia development

What is your lasting impression of UC?

I do realize that UC now has a study program in Khmer; so how could UC program maintain their enrollment balance of student in studying in English and in studying in Khmer?

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Ms. Plong Chanleaphea


Ms. Plong Chanleaphea received her BA in International Relations from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2013. Currently she is an Assistant in the Consular Section at The Embassy of Japan in Cambodia. Prior to this, she was a Japanese Translator at CIESF.

Ms. Chanleaphea said that:
“UC provided an English-based teaching programme that helps students understand and communicate in an international language. The university offers classes that taught by experienced professors and are relevant to our major. What I learned at UC has applied to what I’m working on now. UC motivates and drives all students to realize that if they are going to learn, they have to possess self-initiative.

I want to say thank you to all beloved professors for your enthusiasm! I fed off your   energy.

I have good memories of UC. First, I have good memories of all of the class performances and volunteer activities with my professors and friends. I really miss them now.

Second, I was always super excited after the mid-term and final exams ending because every examination was so strict and no one talked about cheating.

Third, I enjoyed participating in social activities with HOCC’s members until now, which were supported by Prof. Neng Vannak.

Be yourself and realize that “life is beautiful”. Stand still on your way and find out what you want in your professional life.

Lastly, I would like to encourage all students to volunteer for social activities so that they can help people in need.”

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Mr. Sam Sopanharith


Mr. Sam Sopanharith received his BA in English literature from The
University of Cambodia (UC) in 2013. Currently he is a Civil Servant
in charge of Sub-national State Property Management at Ministry of Interior.
Prior to this, he was a reporter for Economic Today Magazine.

Mr. Sopanharith stated that:
“Without doubt, there were any inspirational lecturers with very notable subjects which grabbed my attention to learn from them. They are: Dr. Diep Sophal, Seng Ra, and Marilou D. Sierra. Of course, my life was inspirational and well-organized during my academic life at UC. I have learned to build the well-tightened relationship with my friends with helpfulness,
understanding and respectfulness.

The school had organized the varieties of programme which gave me a chance to get involved in as a performer or organizer. Just apart from it, the school had inspired me to penetrate to UC Student Senate which provided me other special experiences over administrative work, interpersonal skills, and problem solving skills. Inspired by UC Student Senate, I have my team with a very close relationship and love each other, and I have, as a result, received the precise values of “self-confidence, gratitude and respect.”

I am still keeping in touch with my fellows even though we are officiating at various workplaces. Sometimes, we have times together for the sake of information, experiences, and personal status update, sharing for fun.

In fact, I still keep in mind for some sweet memories from UC including volunteering activities, friendship and enjoyment. To me, I have engaged in performing, volunteering, organizing, leading and managing role with the student organization, especially in UC Student Senate. I have been advised and taught by advisors with the new experiences and allowed to meet the new range of people during volunteering in UCSS. In the meantime, I have also been a part of advisory aid for the next UCSS associated with organizing entertainment events and social work. Besides, one of the unforgettable memoirs is my performance in a role play and entertainment show in UC.”

“Don’t rely on vigour, devalue the work
Don’t rely on intelligence, forget trying”

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Mr. Heng Chanpanhavuth


Mr. Heng Chanpanhavuth received his BA in Finance and Banking from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2013. Currently he is studying to receive his Master Degree of Science in Financial Engineering at Stevens Institute of
Technology in the United States.

Mr. Chanpanhavuth stated that:
“UC gave me an unforgettable college life on top of the great educational foundation needed to pursue my current life goal. The four years of incredible classroom experiences filled with diverse curricula, daily team activities, and enriching group discussions have prepared me for the competitive world outside of academia with a strong bond and supportive network of lecturers and friends as an invaluable by-product till this day.”


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Mr. Khov Ea Hai


Mr. Khov Ea Hai received his BA in International Relations from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2013. Currently he works as a National Economist at Department of Economic Integration and ASEAN. Prior to this, he was an Assistant to the Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Mr. Ea Hai said that:
“UC has laid down the fundamental knowledge for me due to three main reasons:
(1) focusing on the quality of education, (2) using English as the medium for
instruction, and (3) providing lots of practical experiences for students. Therefore,
I decided to spend my spare time during the weekends for lecturing fellow
UC students in providing them both the theories and practical experiences
that I have had for 5 years in the field of International Relations.

Recalling academic experiences in the University of Cambodia, there were two subjects remaining in my thoughts today. They are Globalization and International Affairs, taught by Lecturer Dr. In Sophal, and the International Dispute Settlement, taught by Lecturer Taing Ratana.

My friends and I, indeed, had built unforgettable memories throughout our academic lives. Even after commencement day, our relationships still remain strong. I believe that these friendships have been particularly bounded by our concrete efforts during the 5th mandate of The University of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS) in realising numerous projects within a whole year.

The key memories I have with UC are mostly during my mandate as a member of UCSS. These memories were shaped by the working spirit with friends in groups, project advisers, project sponsors and charity organizations. We spent lots of time going through difficulties and beingjoyful together.”

Opportunity does not naturally come to you, but you have to be visionary by constructing and preparing for them.

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Miss Nara Sokhema


Miss Nara Sokhema received her BA in Economics from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2013. Currently she works as a Director of Recruitment, Selection and Marketing at Teach for Cambodia. Prior to this, she completed a Master’s Degree in International Development from the University of Manchester, UK.

Miss Sokhema has mentioned that:
“After high school, I was offered 4 scholarships. With significant research and analysis, I’m glad that UC was one of my 2 selected choices because it offered very interesting and unique opportunities. What I really liked about UC was the ability to take elective courses, which allowed me to explore a variety of skills outside of my major. This not only expanded my horizons and world view, but also provided a wonderful chance to build a network with some amazing lecturers and students in diverse fields, all of
which have been very valuable during and after my study at UC.

Another remarkable feature is the partnerships with various local and international institutions, including policy, media, research and more. I enjoyed a good range of opportunities to meet great people such as Jackie Chan, the head of the World Bank, high ranking officials and many more amazing people who came to talk to us through special lectures or events.

When talking about learning, I hope everyone would see it as a life-long process and keep on learning and growing. Be proactive and socially engaged. I strongly encourage students to grab the learning opportunity beyond the classroom and become actively involved in extra-curricular activities or lead social volunteerism initiatives. You’ll be amazed by the differences you can make to society, some people’s lives, and the leadership you have built for yourself.”

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