Miss Lim Houng


Miss Lim Houng received her BA degree in Law from The University of Cambodia (UC)
in 2012. Currently she is an Executive Director at First Solution (Cambodia) Co. Ltd and
at the same time pursuing her MA degree at Charles Sturt University
in Australia (long distance learning program).
Straight after graduating from UC, Miss Lim Houng started work as a Business Development sub-Manager at “Forval (Cambodia) Co., Ltd”, a Japanese business consultancy company.

Miss Lim Houng said that:
I really appreciate UC for providing an English-based study program, which is a great
chance for students to learn more terminologies in gaining a firm grasp of the language.
I think this was the main reason behind my success in getting a job in a competitive
career market after I graduated from UC.
Networking plays a major role in the business world and with my experiences in business development, I know that UC provides the right environment for networking
which has contributed to my life’s current success.

Key Memories of UC to me are below:

1.      The Mock ASEAN Submit, led by Prof. In Sophal.
I liked it because we could actively experience and apply the lessons that we had learned.

2.      Mock trial training with USAID, led by Prof. Mom Seilaboth.
Being a law student, I think this program is highly beneficial because it gave an opportunity for real practice which provided deeper understanding.

3.      The class of teacher Thann Chanchamnan.
He is a very good law teacher and the main point I really like is that he is always very well prepared, uses references &  examples to enhance his explanations.

I wish all UC current students all the best and much success in their lives after graduation. Keep exploring new worlds besides studying in class, and keep in touch with your professors and peers in order to exchange knowledge, experiences and  possible business opportunities.

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Miss Sreng Leakhena


Miss Sreng Leakhena received her BA degree in Business Management from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2012. Currently, she holds a position as an international broadcaster at Voice of America in Washington D.C.

“Studying Business Management at UC enabled me to learn about business skill sets and knowledge. However most importantly, I have not only learnt about business, but also many other interesting elective courses ranging from international relations to history. This special opportunity deepened my own understanding about myself of what I would like to pursue for my future academic and career path.
UC opened up my horizons and provided me with a large scope of knowledge that
has been the key foundation which enabled me to do well in my Master’s program of International Studies. As a result, I was recruited to work in my dream job as a broadcaster which allowed me to make an impact to people in my home
country by informing them what is happening around the world.”

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