Miss Somanita Kheang


Miss Somanita Kheang, received her BA in English Literature from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2012. Currently she is a Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Leadership at Lindenwood University and a Graduate Assistant in the Education Department at Lindenwood University, USA. Prior to this, she was a Master’s Scholarship Student at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Miss Somanita stated that:
“I am really thankful for the experiences that I got from UC. The University of Cambodia prepared a useful foundation for students’ success, and I indeed enjoyed a great deal
of fun that I had during my educational journey there. I have become a self-directed learner by working through various projects assigned by professors, and I have enhanced my public speaking skills through all the presentations that I made in classes.

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Mr. Phal Sereiratha


Mr. Phal Sereiratha received his BA degree in Information Technology from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2012. Currently he is pursuing his Master degree in Embedded Systems
and Robotics at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

Mr. Sereiratha has mentioned that:
“UC has made me who I am today. It was where I received quality education, friendship, encouragement and developed my confidence, high performing attitude, hard work and teamwork spirit until I could earn a scholarship and pass the language barrier to study abroad. UC is a meaningful and unforgettable place to me. I feel that I have gained the most from the courses such as Programming, Databases, and Object Oriented Programming, that laid a strong foundation of knowledge for me in my chosen field and also in real life problem solving.
All the lecturers are professional, friendly, and helpful which made the study environment inspiring for students to work hard towards their goals. I still keep contact with a lot of friends who studied together at UC, both from my college and others. Take the move into what
you want, as the process is truly as important as the goals.”

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Mr. Ea Ratana


Mr. Ea Ratana received his BA degree in International Relations from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2012. Currently he is an assistant to the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. At the same time he is pursuing a Master’s degree at Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations (TSS),
majoring in International Relations. Prior to this, he was an international news translator and English Newscaster for the South East Asia Television (SEATV).

Mr. Ratana has stated that:
“The University of Cambodia is generally renowned over a decade for providing students with high-quality education in combination with excellent learning facilities. The university offers interesting and up-to-date courses along with professional lecturers and worthy disciplines, has truly provided me with advanced academic knowledge and skill and sharpened my ability to achieve my goals in career and life.

There are many unforgettable things I still remember. UC provided good environment for students to enhance friendship and improve capacity.
I and other UC students had happily joined many activities, such as Khmer New Year Celebration, Student Entertainment Show, Debate Competition, and Mock ASEAN Summit, etc.

All lecturers were qualified and open-minded. They encouraged me and other students to study hard, do more researches and apply knowledge in real practice. Dr. Diep Sophal, who taught history courses, provided me and other students with deep understanding of Cambodian history through his broadened knowledge, long-time academic experience and easy-to-understand explanation.

To all current UC students: “As all of you are students, you are now in the most important point of your life. Your bright futures depend on how much commitment in learning you are performing now. Set your goals clearly and try hard to achieve them. Please don’t be tired of studying. Keep learning from the university, from the people around you, from our society and from other around the globe. Please share and exchange knowledge with people around you, create strong network, and contribute your knowledge and time for the benefits of communities and society. Your commitment along with UC’s assistance will reward you success in both academic and career life.”

During my second year at UC, I started to teach English to young students at a private school. That was my first job. After graduating, I joint SEATV as news broadcaster.  I had the chance to apply my knowledge of English in real practice and learn new skills from the work. At the same time, I could generate vital information regarding to real situation of politics, economy, conflicts, and other main events occurring in the country, region and the world.

My success in career and life is strongly contributed by UC. Thanks UC for providing me with the opportunity to generate knowledge and skill, to get to know many good friends and other people, and to reach my goal in life. Many other UC students also enjoy this type of benefit. So does the      next generation.

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Mr. Chhea Kuntheara


Mr. Chhea Kuntheara received his BA degree in Finance and Banking from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2012. Currently he is pursuing a two-year Master degree in Practicing Accounting at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Prior to this,
he worked as a Credit Administration Clerk and later as a Business Relationship Executive
in Maybank.

Mr. Kuntheara said that:
“The University of Cambodia is like a home where fundamentals and knowledge are being
built for different fields of profession. Furthermore, UC taught me to be a person who
will always fight for knowledge. All teachers are very supportive and friendly. I had heaps
of good friends whom I would hang out with and study and we still maintain contact.
In my opinion, to achieve a better grade, you need to practice and practice. Attending classes
are not enough and it requires more hours to attempt all materials and practice outside the classrooms. But one must remember that life should be balanced.  Hence one’s study and personal life and wellbeing must go hand in hand: eat well, relax and have enough sleep.”

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Miss Saya Molika

Saya Molika

Miss Saya Molika received her BA degree in Business Management from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2012. Currently, she holds a position as Sponsorship Event Manager at Manulife Asia Company Limited.

Miss Molika’s view on UC: She said that “UC has provided me with an enormous fundamental knowledge to accelerate in my career development until today. It was a platform which has motivated me to build my own high performing attitude, culture of hard work and teamwork spirit. For instance, there are occasional opportunities to run the different small projects vis-a-vis their academic curriculum, charity program as well as the project-based management. In particular, there is a wide range of professional and encouraging professors, good friends and a conductive learning environment. Needless to say, UC can be considered a model of school which allows students to study and encourage students to reach their potentials, while ensuring that students would enjoy their classes and having fun at the same time.”

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Mr. Ky Vannroath


Mr. Ky Vannroath received his BA degree in Information Technology from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2012.

Currently he is pursuing a MA degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) at GyeongSang National University, South Korea.

My first career was working as an IT Assistant in Vattanac Bank and My career progressed well until I came to hold an important role in the IT department as a Senior IT Executive.

Mr. Vannroath indicated that:

“Firstly, studying at UC with an Information Technology major has enabled me to learn in-depth about the core subjects in IT courses. Furthermore, I was also exposed to other interesting and important elective courses including business and leadership.
They were the right tools that equipped and strengthened my academic and career foundations.

Secondly, UC has provided me with the stepping stones to communicate to the outside world through its programs that use English as the medium of instruction.

Thirdly, I have gained a strong fundamental knowledge that is still vital in my academic life and career, up until today. The application of these fundamentals has been useful to date, during my studies in Korea.

To some students, UC may seem to be small in comparison to some other universities, in terms of campus size, but to UC students, UC is huge in terms of intellectual capacity, resources of knowledge, think-tanks and the available opportunities for students to develop their skills and knowledge through college activities. These have helped UC students greatly in building themselves up for life’s success and greatness.

I believe in this phrase “A Miracle is another name for hard work”.  So study hard and study smart.”

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