Mr. Mey Sithin


Mr. Mey Sithin received his Master in Education (Educational Administration) from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2005. Currently he is a Vice Chief of the Office, Environmental Impact Assessment Department, and The Ministry of Environment. Prior to this, he was a Lecturer at UC, and Deputy Chief of office at the Ministry of Environment.

Mr. Sithin’s memories of UC are:
“UC shaped my career and provided me with qualifications for my degree abroad. Time spent with class mates, great academic life and experiences are my memories of UC. There are several subjects that I found particularly inspirational, namely: Curriculum Development applied Linguistics, Organizational behaviour, Principles of Education, Developmental Reading, Teacher Education and Proposal Writing. I still keep contact with some of my fellow students such as Mr. Chea Veasna, Mr. Thou Narong, Mr. Uch Kimchheang, Mr. Paul Xon… I have some words of wisdom for our current students: “Every day is a chance to learn”, “Positive thought, Positive Outcomes” University really provides the opportunity for a proper education and shapes the future careers of every student.”

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