Mr. Hong Kimcheang

“UC motivated me to keep going forwards, especially in my academic life.

What I remember most about UC is the enjoyable learning experience, the flexibility and the quality of the academic programs offered.

I am still in contact with my friends from UC; a few of them are Mr. Chhim Sopheak, Mr. Chea Pum, and Mr. Uon Silot.

Academic writing was extremely difficult for me to understand. However, UC helped me realize its importance and provided me with a good foundation for my academic courses throughout graduate school.

During my time at UC, it was rather small in terms of campus size and facilities. On the other hand, the university was quite big in terms of ambition and quality. I learnt that a lot of UC students have been successful in their academic life and subsequent careers. I am delighted to be a UC alumnus.

Successful learning comes from personal interest, dedicated efforts, quality instruction, and the surrounding environment. UC has succeeded in developing all these areas of learning, which is what makes it such a successful institution.”

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Ms. Saya Linda

What did you like about the UC program?

“Thanks to the credit system at UC, I had the opportunity to enroll in many interesting subjects, and to pick courses from a variety of subjects. Before the new term began, I had the opportunity to look through all the courses, and along with the guidance from my Dean, I could easily decide which subjects I would study. Also, what I loved the most about UC is the centralized nature of every mid-term and final exam. It is fair, transparent and most importantly, there is no possibility of cheating.”


What did you think of your program’s facilities such as the available technology, resources, and classrooms?

“Program’s facilities are very modern and sufficient. I could easily get myself access to online learning in the E-Library, with thousands of online books and resources available to me. Additionally, I could always find useful books on all subjects in the library, where they have been categorized for easy reference. The classroom environment is very comfortable as well, as they are equipped with air-conditioners, fans, LCD projectors, large whiteboards and lots of space for the students.”


What accomplishments did you achieve during your university experience?

“First and foremost, I won a 100% scholarship to study at UC, a well-known and highly recognized university in Phnom Penh. Second, I never failed even a single subject during my university study. No matter how hard a subject was, I could always get through. That’s my greatest accomplishment. Third, the proudest moment was when I was elected as the President of the University of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS) Mandate 7. I had a great year with all my team members, and we accomplished many things together for our university, other students, and for ourselves. Fourth, I was able to work in many different community projects as a translator, facilitator and project assistant, and had the opportunity to travel abroad namely to the Philippines and India.”


Was there a professor, staff, or fellow student who made a lasting impression on you or helped you when you were here at UC? How? Why?

“Professor In Sophal made a lasting impression on me, and helped me throughout my academic years at UC. He is strict and tough, but kind by nature. He always demands the highest student performance for classroom activities, assignments, and exam papers. Everything had to be prepared well in advance to cope with his intensive teaching and grading. Because of him, I read more, researched more, and presented more in class in order to keep pace with my fellow students. I soon realized that his high standards were set in place to train me to be sharp, flexible, knowledgeable and confident in life. I can’t thank him enough, and I will always have admiration for him.”


Do you still keep in contact with any of your classmates, professors, or staff?

“Yes, I do. I still have good contact with many of my classmates, fellow students, professors and UC staff. Though we have chosen separate paths for work, our friendships are still fresh and cool just as they were when we were at school.”

What was your most memorable moment as a student of the University of Cambodia?

“I have had many great moments in the life as a student at UC. I would say the most memorable moment was Graduation Day. It was the most exciting time to receive my very first academic degree. It was a proud moment to showcase what I had done in my academic career.”


What advice can you offer to incoming or current students?

“I want everyone to start fresh, and to always do your best in everything you encounter. The learning environment of High School must be updated to the tough competitive academic environment of university. You should expect more work, more reading, and more research. It is difficult, I know, but the hard work will make you become a better version of yourself.”


What is your current job? Is your current job related to your study program from the University of Cambodia?

“I am currently working as a part-time lecturer to medical students at Chenla University. The course I am teaching is English for Medical, which is not related to the program I took at UC. However, I am currently waiting for employment results from an ASEAN Training Center within a government ministry. I expect the results in late January or early February. If I get selected, this will be the best career of my life, and I will be able to use my IR degree.” was Graduation Day. It was the most exciting time to receive my very first academic degree. It was a proud moment to showcase what I had done in my academic career.”


What are your career achievements you would like to share with students?

“Personally, I think that I have not yet made great achievements in my career yet, but I can proudly say that being a lecturer has given me an opportunity not only to teach, but to share with them many thoughts of how to prepare for their studies, their future career and lives. I want everyone to be brave and to stand up and face his or her failures, accept the truth, and learn from it so that you won’t have to face the problem again. Or if you do, at least you will know how to react and deal with such a problem.”


What career advice would you like to give to students to better prepare them for the real world?

“In the real world, it’s not just good grades that count; you need to have experiences outside the classroom to give evidence to your prospective employer that you are capable of dealing with real situations. Do not lock yourself up in the classroom, and then just come back home. Challenge yourself with real work through volunteering, attending workshops, or creating a group to do something that benefits others. These simple yet remarkable experiences are the background of your performance that proves whether you are ready to compete in the real job market or not. You will feel superior and confident once you are holding your CV that is full of good grades and awesome work experience to show to your future employer.”

Can current UC students/alumni contact you for career related advice? How should they contact you?

I would love to help as much as I can. They can email me at:”


Describe UC in 3 words?

“Inspiration, wisdom, and leadership.”


What is your lasting impression of UC?

“The very last word I would like to say is thank you to the University of Cambodia, especially to H.E President, Vice Presidents, faculty members and all UC staff who have taken part in building a very strong program which has been nurturing thousands of human resources every year since 2004. I am so thankful that I was one of the lucky scholarship winners back in 2009, and one of the qualified degree graduates from this respectful university. May everyone who has been part of my success be blessed with health, prosperity and success.”

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Mr. Bun Penghuy

I am Bun Penghuy, a fresh graduate who received a scholarship from the University of Cambodia. Upon graduation with a Bachelor’s Degree of Law (L.L.B) from the University of Cambodia, I was offered a job as a Legal Adviser at KCP Cambodia law firm, whose head office is in Singapore. I am pleased to share my experience as a law student at UC.

I have learned and gained legal knowledge from different lecturers, some of whom are lawyers, prosecutors, and judges. During that time, I really enjoyed discussing and debating legal matters, not only with my class­mates but also with lecturers. Unexpectedly, I enrolled into a course called “Legal Research and Writing,” taught by Mr. Mam Thana, Associate Dean for the College of Law. This particular course is very useful for law students to shape their future careers. For instance, when I applied to the law firm I am currently work­ing for, I was asked to take a test consisting of legal knowledge and skills. One of the test items was to write a letter of advice to clients. Suddenly, I recalled what I had learned from “Legal Research and Writing,” and wrote what I could remember from the course. After the interview, waiting for the result for one day, and then being offered the position, I came to realize that UC has truly helped me a lot, especially the above-mentioned course. I am strongly confident that the law courses conducted at UC are fundamental in prepar­ing students for their desired careers.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of my law lecturers, namely Lecturer Eang Sopheak, Lectur­er Than Chanchamnan, Lecturer Chan Dararasmey, Lecuter Keo Vanny, and especially Associate Dean Mam Thana, for teaching me how to write the memorandums of law. Also, thanks to UC for helping to shape the person I am today. Without a scholarship from UC, I would not have the success I have today, especially; I would not have gotten this job. I encourage you all to get involved with UC activities as much as possible.

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Mr. Lim Nguon

What did you like about UC?

“The academic program conducted in English has prepared me to be a global citizen, catching up with the global market trend and development. The flexibility of the academic program with the elective course op­tions gave me the opportunity to select courses aligned with my interests and strengths.”

What did you think of your program’s facilities such as available technology, resources, and class­rooms?

“The program’s facilities are among the best universities in the nation, which enables students to concentrate on their studies and research. However, comparing to other universities in the region, the facilities are still limited and need further improvements in order to provide students an ease to do research and access to the most up-to-date study materials and resources.”

What accomplishments did you achieve during your university experience?

“I got an opportunity to go on an exchange program at Payap University in Thailand, specializing in Inter­national Business Management for a semester in 2010. Later on, I won a scholarship from the US Embassy to join an exchange program called Study of the US Institute for Student Leaders on Global Environmental Issues and Leadership in 2012. The same year, I got another scholarship to participate in a short-term study program of Peace and Human Security in Asia, in Japan. I was also selected to be the representative of Cam­bodian youth in the ASEAN-Japan Youth Forum in 2013. I graduated with an honorable GPA of 3.94.”

Was there a professor, staff member, or fellow student who made a lasting impression on you or helped you when you were at UC? How? Why?

“Many professors, staff, and fellow students were really helpful during my academic life. They gave me lots of support and encouragement for my academic and career advancement.”

Do you still keep in contact with any of your classmates, professors, or staff members?

“I still keep in touch with them though we are scattering in different parts of the globe. Thanks to technol¬ogy, we can update each other and discuss and help each other on a certain aspects of our careers, graduate study and research, and life matters. Physical distance and busy schedules do not hinder our relationships and networking. Many classmates, professors, and UC staff come to Tokyo for business trips, and we had a good time catching up with each other, since I am now based in Tokyo. On May 31, 2015, I had a chance to catch up with H.E. Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, Dr. Haruhisa Handa, and many UC Alumni at The Young Parlia¬mentarians’ Global Opinion Summit in Tokyo. We were proud and glad for the UC family mini-reunion.”

What was your most memorable moment as a student at UC?

“I loved the moments when I worked in a research team with my peers, went to the field to collect data, joined an international conference such as the Asia Economic Forum, competed in national debate com¬petitions, volunteered in the ASEAN summit while Cambodia was the host country, and organized an event and a field trip for exchange and local stu¬dents. Those are the most wonderful moments of my university life.”

What would you like to tell prospective students about the university or the program?

“The English-based academic program with flexibil¬ity to select elective courses based on your interest prepares you to catch up on the opportunities of the job market. Extra-curricular activities help you mas¬ter essential skills for the success in your career.”

What advice can you offer to incoming or current students?

“University is a transition platform of life. Choosing and pursuing the right track, your life will be differ-ent. If you could maximize the opportunity to learn and get hands-on experience, besides classroom learning, you will see a wonderful world with op¬portunities to succeed in the future for your career development. Go for a study abroad program at least one semester, as it will open up your mindset of the world. And it will help you a lot to grab the oppor¬tunity when the ASEAN Community comes into realization.”

What career advice would you like to give to stu¬dents to better prepare them for the real world?

“Students should maximize their learning during university life, get involved in volunteer activities and internships to reflect the theories learned in class with real work experience. Know your passions, in¬terests, and strengths and set your future career goals accordingly. In this globalized world, the job market has no boundaries. Go abroad and catch an interna¬tional job opportunity, and you will realize there is a lot of potential to grow and develop yourself, your community, and our mother country in the future.”

What is your current job? Is your current job re¬lated to your study program from the University of Cambodia?

“I am working on developing a business project to provide total-lifestyle support for people living in the metropolitan of Tokyo. The study program helps me to conceptualize, analyze, and work on the project with multinational team members.”

How has UC encouraged you to pursue your career?

“Majoring in Economics and specializing in interna¬tional business management gave me a foundation and deepened my interest in pursuing a career in the international job market. A holistic business study program at UC ranging from SME management, marketing, project management, financial analysis, customer relationship management, and especially computer skills gave me courage and prepared me for the career I now have.”

Can current UC students/alumni contact you for career related advice? How should they contact you?

“Of course, it is my pleasure. I could be reached via”

What is your lasting impression of UC?

“I grew up at UC, and UC is part of my life memory. I cannot thank UC enough.”

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