Mr. Cheng Reaksmey


Mr. Cheng Reaksmey received his BA degree in International Relations from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2014. Currently he is an Admin Training Manager at RMA Cambodia. Previously he was a Training Executive at the Cambodian Federation
of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA).

Mr. Reaksmey highlighted:
“There are lecturers and UC members of staff who have guided me and shared
experiences when I was a student.
There are many activities with lecturers, University activities, clubs, senates,
UC friends, etc. with whom I am still in contact.
The teachers that I found particularly inspirational were: Mr. Ratana,
Mr. In Sophal, Dr. Kale, Mr. Both, Mr. Long, Mr. Time, Miss. Gina, and many more.
Learning by doing has also been a pathway towards success.”

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Miss Meth Sreysovoleak


Miss Meth Sreysovoleak received her BA Degree in Finance and Banking from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015. Currently she is an
Actuarial Analyst at Manulife Cambodia.

Miss Sreysovoleak mentioned that:
“It is not only because of the course of my study that has enabled me to work in
a multi-national company, but UC helped me in so many ways, in my personal developments as well as provided me soft-skills such as leaderships communications and team works. I will not hesitate in recommending
the UC School of Business as the first choice for students who wish to study
in the field of Finance and Banking and related field in business.”

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Mr. Seng Sienghour


Mr. Seng Sienghour received his BA degree in Economics from
The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2013. He has recently graduated from Master’s Degree of Management and Marketing at Tomas Bata University (Czech Republic).

Mr. Sienghour mentioned that:
“UC equipped me with the fundamental knowledge that has enable me to develop my career path and strengthen my ability to further my international academic journey. The university gave me the opportunity to absorb knowledge and skills from my professors as well as learning and sharing with my friends.”

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Miss Sovann Monyroth


Miss Sovann Monyroth received her BA degree in Finance and Banking from
The University of Cambodia School of Business (UCSB) in 2011.
Currently she is Senior Audit Associate, at BDO (Cambodia) Limited.

Miss Monyroth has mentioned that:
“I definitely recommend studying at UC, and that’s not because I am
trying to promote my university but because of several reasons:
To begin with, I think that the credit system at UC is very effective as we are able to choose elective courses to our liking. For instance, I was a Finance and Banking student, but I have had the option to study courses like International Relations, Project Management and Business Information System. This made studying at UC
very interesting and useful, because I received the chance to expand my
understanding of the world and develop my personal capacity.

Additionally, studying at UC has helped me with my English proficiency since all courses were taught in English.

Currently I am working as an Auditor and pursuing ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) at the same time. I have found that most of the courses I learned at UC have helped me a lot, with my career and ACCA, because they provided me with fundamental knowledge of what the accountancy world is about.

On top of that, not only has studying at UC impacted my academic life, but it has impacted on my personal life very dearly. At UC, students from various majors are put together when studying elective courses. For the whole 4 years, I felt like I have gotten to know everyone on campus and so did everyone else. This was a great chance for networking. As of now, I am still very close to most of my friends and we get together constantly.

My “UC” experience has been one of the greatest times in my life.”

“Once a UC-er, always proud to be a UC-er.”

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Miss Ngoun Wathana


Miss Ngoun Wathana received her BA degree in Finance and Banking from
The University of Cambodia School of Business (UCSB), in 2011.
Currently she is working as a Client Coordinator at Damco (Cambodia) Ltd.

“With the English course curriculum, strict grading tools to score students’ performance, as well as the qualified lecturers, UC helps strengthen students’ performance to help overcome weakness and seize opportunities in the job market. More than this, class activities and outdoor projects enhance the confidence and effective communication for all students. UC generates talented human resources, and I believe the academic backgrounds and school life experience at UC have prepared me well with capability
and skills, as well as a solid command in English to pursue a successful career path.”

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Mr. Yoeurng Sotheara


Mr. Yoeurng Sotheara received his Bachelor degree in Law (LL.B) (Honor) from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2011.
After graduating from UC, he obtained a Master degree in law, major in Master of Comparative Law (MCL) from the University of Delhi,
Republic of India in 2014.

Currently he is a Legal and Monitoring Officer at Committee for Free and Fair Election in Cambodia (COMFREL) and also a Part-time Lecturer of Law subjects at various universities in Cambodia including UC.

Mr. Sotheara stated that:

“UC changed my life. I might be a different person from who I am today if it wasn’t for the opportunities provided by UC. I was a recipient of the Prime Minister’s scholarship program at UC which required me to work very hard under strict rules to secure the scholarship award and also to ensure the education quality for scholarship students.

I have had fun memories of the College of Law with other law students and lecturer Tep Punloeu. I remember participating in the Mock-Trial program funded by USAID and providing mock counselling. I miss the time when I was interviewed by SEATV, on a program called “My Life”.

Prof. In Sophal was an outstanding lecturer in International Relations. Classes were strict but they were fun and even motivated me.

I wish to share with current law students that: “You must try to do your best in whatever circumstances you face, which enables you to improve your life and your nation. There is always hope but you need to be confident and trust in yourself to make it happen.”

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