Mr. Hong Kimcheang

“UC motivated me to keep going forwards, especially in my academic life.

What I remember most about UC is the enjoyable learning experience, the flexibility and the quality of the academic programs offered.

I am still in contact with my friends from UC; a few of them are Mr. Chhim Sopheak, Mr. Chea Pum, and Mr. Uon Silot.

Academic writing was extremely difficult for me to understand. However, UC helped me realize its importance and provided me with a good foundation for my academic courses throughout graduate school.

During my time at UC, it was rather small in terms of campus size and facilities. On the other hand, the university was quite big in terms of ambition and quality. I learnt that a lot of UC students have been successful in their academic life and subsequent careers. I am delighted to be a UC alumnus.

Successful learning comes from personal interest, dedicated efforts, quality instruction, and the surrounding environment. UC has succeeded in developing all these areas of learning, which is what makes it such a successful institution.”

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