Giving makes a significant impact in the lives of students, and is very much appreciated.

Sustaining excellence in higher education depends on the generosity of donors, supporters, alumni, and families, and the stewardship of that generosity over time.

Giving to UC matters because it. . .

  • Makes higher education accessible and affordable to students through scholarship programs
  • Helps us recruit and maintain highly qualified faculty and staff
  • Supports empirical research
  • Supports strong academic programs and new programs of study
  • Improves our campus facilities through new construction and renovation of old buildings
  • Enhances student life
  • Supports innovative community programs focused on human capital development
  • Supports the UC endowment

People give proudly and generously to the University of Cambodia (UC) to be a part of something that cannot be accomplished alone, educational excellence. UC is one among a few leading universities in Cambodia that is officially recognized by the Royal Government of Cambodia and the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC) as being an accredited higher educational institution.

The priority at UC is to develop the skills and knowledge of students, contribute to educational reform, and develop the intellectual community in the region. In order to advance UC’s mission, private partnerships must be continually established and strengthened. Through your generosity, many young Cambodians will have access to higher education and can dream and train to become the next generation of leaders.

The spirit of giving has contributed significantly to the growth and development of UC since its founding in 2003. This generosity has resulted in the establishment of several prominent centers and institutes at UC, such as the Asia Leadership Center (which hosts the annual Asia Economic Forum) and the Center for English Studies. Most recently, this generosity helped UC establish its own newspaper (the Southeast Asia Weekly), radio (Radio Southeast Asia, FM 106), and TV (Television Southeast Asia, Channel 31) outlets.

As a private run university, UC does not receive government funding for basic operations of any type, and it has ongoing financial needs. The academic opportunities and enrichment at UC are dependent upon the generosity of donors who are committed to advancing Cambodia’s education and human resource development. Donors give money and material resources as a gift to help make UC a stronger institution, not because it is a duty.

People who give come from all income levels, and every donation (large and small) is greatly appreciated. If you would like to give to UC, you may do so through a financial or in-kind gift. You may also donate through other ways in which your ability to make wise purchases and investments are utilized. Every gift will be used to build and sustain educational excellence at UC and the development of skilled and dignified citizens.

UC values the spirit of giving, and encourages this amongst students and staff members. Learning about academic content and its real world applications are highly valued at UC, but so too is making positive contributions to families and society.

UC believes that all community members–students, faculty, staff, alumni, organizations, institutions, and members of the public–have an important stake in its success. And that is why UC asks the community and friends of UC to support the institution on an ongoing basis. Giving, both large and small, demonstrates a firm commitment to a vibrant and thriving intellectual community at UC.

There are many ways that individuals and institutions can contribute. Click on Ways to Give to learn how.